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 To the general public, the medical code is one of the most mysterious aspects of health care. Assign specific codes […]

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Updated April 10, 2023

 To the general public, the medical code is one of the most mysterious aspects of health care. Assign specific codes to different medical practices to maintain effective medical records and to ensure to maintain effective medical records and ensure that bills and payments are accurate.   The AAPC Certified Professional Index (CPC) certification is the benchmark for the medical index in physician office settings and is maintained by approximately 99,000 coding professionals. CPCs are important for complaint and profitable medical practices and generally earn 20% more than non-certified markets.  Many institutions offer CPC training for career development for medical professionals.  Anyone with a bachelor’s / master’s degree/ diploma in pharmacy, healthcare, medicine, dentistry, biology, zoology, chemistry, microbiology, or biochemistry is eligible to apply for this course. You should plan to study for at least two months for the AAPC CPC exam. The more you know about not using books during the exam, the bette3r. To get the maximum possible score, all the questions must be completed within the allotted time. This CPC course teaches basic medical coding skills for professional services and prepares students to take the AAPC’s CPC exam. The course includes CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM code. Ensures extensive knowledge in reviewing and assigning proper process and diagnostic codes for professional services.

     This e-book will prepare you fully for the exam because AAPC has copyrighted all the information in the exam, including past tests, So the best way to prepare the exam including past tests, so the best way to prepare for these exams is to take a course administered by AAPC. The CPC exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, including 17 areas of knowledge and topics related to a broader coding system; Medical terms, anatomy, anesthesia, medicine, and pathology.  We provide CPC mock questions for reference to our aspirants. You can write the exam as many times as you want to pass the exam, but do not forget about the CPC exam fees. Unlike many certification exams, the CPC exam is an open book exam. In face, examinees must bring copies of the ICD- 10, CPT, and HCPCS manuals to the exam.  Study guides, exam reviews, exam review classes, and practice tests are the best way to help you prepare for the certification exam. We train for Advanced Medical Certification (CPC) using the AAPC syllabus. Course duration 2.5 months. We provide textbooks for anatomy and physiology, CPT. We offer CPC exam coaching online. By attending the online training, You will get more flexibility when planning your work.  Our trained professionals conducted a  class for medical professionals.

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