CPC Training

Medical Coding Training

CPC Training

RM Code of Medical Coding and Billing, in affiliation with AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders), offers a wide-ranging CPC training program. Our syllabus support with the AAPC curriculum, ensuring that you obtain excellence education and preparation. Our Certified AAPC Trainers are committed to your success. They not only focus on serving you clear the CPC exam but also provide helpful insight and approach for effective time management, facilitate you to excel in the examination with a score of over 80%. To ensure your willingness, we afford the latest and most up-to-date mock tests that replicate recent changes by AAPC. These mocks are computerized within our Learning supervision system (LSS), allowing you to learn from your clanger and receive important feedback. Additionally, our trainer’s demeanor review classes after each mock test, providing further precision and addressing any questions you may have. We understand the importance of preparation, which is why we persuade our students to take multiple mock tests. This accurate preparation ensures that you are well-prepared and self-assured when you sit for the AAPC exam. At RM Code of Medical Coding and Billing, we are dedicated to your success beyond certification. We offer 100% placement assistance for all students who pass the CPC exam. Our strong diligence connections and network enable us to unite you with promising job opportunity in the field of medical coding.

Our CPC Certification Training is a wide-ranging program designed to prepare aspiring medical coders with the acquaintance and skills essential to succeed in this dynamic field. Through expert tutoring and hands-on practice, you will gain a profound perceptive of coding principles, guidelines, and business best practices. With a focus on clearing the CPC exam on your first try, this course covers all feature of medical coding, including CPT, ICD, and HCPCS coding systems. Our qualified instructors will guide you through the details of coding, ensuring you enlarge the proficiency necessary for precise and competent coding. By completing this course and acquire the prominent AAPC – CPC certification, you will set yourself apart as a competent medical coder, opening doors to lucrative job opportunity and career improvement. Whether you are a trained medical coder looking to enhance your skills or an aspirant professional in search to enter the field, our CPC Certification Training will offer you with the capability needed to excel in medical coding. Join us today and embark on a gratifying journey towards a successful career in medical coding with the self-reliance and credentials of AAPC – CPC certification. Enroll with us today and embark on a satisfying journey towards becoming a certified medical coder. Benefit from our organization with AAPC, expert trainers, complete mock tests, and assured placement assistance. Take the first step towards a victorious career in medical coding with RM Code of Medical Coding and Billing.

Training Details


In order to develop into a professional medical coder, each scholar must fulfil these criteria:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree if possible particularly in life sciences (eg- B.Pharma, B.Sc, B.Tech).
  • Methodical ability as they will have to analyze medical bills from hospital sectors.
  • Alumni from any field are qualified for medical coding courses and are essential to know basics of human anatomy and physiology module.
  • Soft skills: Communique Skills, Executive and explore skills.

Topics Covered

  • Review of Anatomy
  • Synopsis of ICD-10-CM
  • Applying the ICD-10-CM Guidelines
  • Precise ICD-10-CM coding
  • Prologue to CPT
  • HCPCS Level II, and Modifiers