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    Resolve is an esteemed institute in India for healthcare and life science graduates to enrich their skill set into industry-ready courses. Our training streams are into Dry laboratory courses like Medical coding training with Multinational Company hiring process, which includes Certified professional coder (CPC) training with AAPC certification, Artificial Intelligence in Biology training, Bioinformatics training, Drug Design Training and Drug Docking studies. Our professional research team provides hands-on experience with Wet laboratory on Next gen Sequencing techniques, Molecular Biology techniques, Cell culture techniques, Pharmaceutical analysis methods.

    Become a certified medical coder to be paid your Certified Professional Coder (CPC) license, the most renowned medical coding documentation both in the Private and healthcare industry. The CPC is one of the best doctrines for medical coding in physician/hospital office settings. In the of field health care domain it creates plenty of career opportunities, Our courses are emerging trends in the Medical Coding and Medical Billing industries.


    Resolve is a well recognized organization in India with more than 7 branches with best trainers who excel in Research & Development department training with a total passed out candidates of added 700 students each year. With a Pan-India existence and organization which focuses on pioneering industries that are exclusively intended to make scholars job- ready once after completion of training. Resolve takes a assignment of bringing in the most excellent of worldwide Practices in the modulation of Life Science graduates by providing courses like Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical data management which are popular in research industry to its operations which includes investigate, monitoring, data processing and clinical data management issues involving post-trail monitoring with tie-ups to Internationally known Organizations in the respective fields.

    Our self-learning courses are excellent-to-start career oriented industry-based Syllabus to enhance the skills of candidates. We are associated with top research centre to design industrial based workshop and seminars to improve recent trends in biological sciences like DNA sequencing and Mapping. Our research-based scenario helps the candidates to refine their knowledge on Drug development, new molecule identification and molecular techniques. You can explore life Science’s recent research activities in one stop area with us.

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    Join our Medical Coding & Research Training course and initiate the foundation of the most required career obtainable today in business market. We make sure each category of course is easily understood, and all students achieve the same level of proficiency essential for today’s Healthcare industry.

    We dedicate ourselves to in training and teaching the candidates to be in satisfied manner has been our core work. We have enthusiastic workforce of specialized trainers who are strong-minded and are ready to bypass on in sequence to students to guide them in clearing the exams and get certified. Our success rates in clearing the interview are 100%.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of taking Medical Coding Training as A Career?

    The medical coders are in enormous demand in the US, particularly from India as the infancy of India is careful and highly determined and ready to take up the confront. If you are looking for a stable career growth, incredible that will keep you protected all the way through, medical coding is the one to choose.

    What do clinical research associates perform?

    Some chief responsibilities for clinical research acquaintances at clinical trial spot and support locations embrace supervision clinical trials scheduled behalf of clinical research institutes, Pharmaceutical Corporation or government society, budding, exactness and inscription clinical trial protocols and make sure conformity with local criterion effective procedures and good clinical preparation procedure.

    What are exposure resources in Pharmacovigilance?

    An spontaneous report/ statement is received from a healthcare proficient, patient or user to a capable authority, advertising authorization controller or other association that describes one or more supposed adverse effect in a patient who was agreed one or more therapeutic product and that does not obtain from any structured data collection.

    Why Clinical Data management is important?

    Clinical data is very difficult, and without proper supervision, in sequence it can be difficult to find. Lack of well-organized management also leads to duplication and other fault when updating or extort data, as well as incapability to trust the accurateness of the reported metrics. Appropriate data management can make sure that clinical research is readily accessible and up to date, this is vital for determining the effectiveness and submission of the data in every report.

    What does A CPC Certified Professional Coder Do?

    A certified professional coder estimate clinical official procedure and converts medical trial, diagnosis, supplies and services into compensation codes. CPCs involve a thorough considerate of medical language and composition to understand medical records and take out relevant data. They have a critical role in the economic health of the administration they work.

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