Next-gen Sequencing Training

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Next Generation Sequencing Training

This Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Certificate Program is planned to present learners with the information and skills required to use NGS data laboratory analysis software correspondence in a fast-paced work atmosphere. This training module covers the fundamentals of NGS using widely accessible tools that are universally referenced in genomics literature. Candidates will be trained with important informatics skills and information required to begin analyzing next-generation sequencing data and transmits out some of the most common types of analysis like pathway analysis and genetic prediction.

This Certificate Program form RM code will cover up the key bioinformatics concepts and implements related to next-generation sequencing data analysis. The course will cover genome informatics, transcriptase assembly, genome construction, whole-genome sequencing and Linux setting. Upon victorious completion of this course, you will be on form versed to the technology, testing workflows, tools, and funds for next-generation sequencing data analysis. This course is a important resource for students and researchers associated to molecular biology, forensic science, medical laboratory technology, biotechnology, and genetics.

Second Generation Sequencing

Training Module does enclose a prologue to DNA’s structure and utility together with some of the essential genetic concepts, some preceding information in genetics and genomics may be helpful to comprehend the in-depth scientific advancements and chemical analysis options that this implement both uses and provides. Overall, the contented of this certification encompasses a wide range of topic correlated to NGS and explores the in progress and promising sequencing technologies along with their advantages. A gradually approach to the NGS workflow and an overview of its diverse applications will endow with a solid overview to someone involved in this technology.

Training Details


  • Applicants having post graduate degrees in medical science such as Bio-Chemistry, B.Pharm, Biotechnology and Zoology are qualified.
  • Scholars having basic knowledge in drug research and Next generation sequencing.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of existing and upcoming DNA Sequencing systems
  • Entire Genome DNA sequencing strategies
  • Types of recurring elements in the genomes
  • DNA target capture for NGS
  • MIPS technology alteration of DNA capture strategies